by Asid Bateri

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released September 17, 2014



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Asid Bateri Jacksonville, Florida

Quinn / James / Warren / Justin

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Track Name: Breathless
Awaken daily to the prospect of nothing

40 hours, 50 weeks, 60 years
Countless days run together
Dead as nails but conscious still
Trapped in a crux without hope

These elevators descend straight into graves
This necropolis sits in the suburbs

Blank faces stare into
A glow of discontent
Hands cuffed to keyboards feet shackled to chairs
Trapped in a cell without bars

Grief continues to prosper
Track Name: Love Crimes
Oppression from guilt
But what have you done
Guilt from illusion
That's been shoved in your face

Think don't pray
Feel don't fear
Be loved not lost
There is no salvation in fantasy

Fuck a morons morality
Fuck a preachers piety
Rejoice not in theology
But in reality

Smash the statues
with your courage
Collapse the cathedrals
with your passion

Drag the heavens down to the dirt.
Hang the angels, behead the priests,

and lie with any gender that you please
Track Name: Silent Spring
No eggs will hatch
No bees will drone
Elixers of death in every home
To beat nature into submission
Fields of carefully mutated crops
Doused in poison
That should end all life
Through water
Into tissues
Through cell walls
Altering arrangements
No god
No magic
No enemy action
No birds will sing
No fish will swim
Track Name: The Tension
Excitement expires and bitterness breeds.
The close become the acquainted
Thriving nights start fading away
bringing awkward days

Stop stop stop
don't hold on
you're hoping history will change

Loosen the grip give it up
Routine is fucking hell
Diving from obsession to chore
What's the point anymore

Used to fill a void
Now it fills the time

There is nothing left